How it works

Our trucks are fully enclosed for your mini move (protected from both weather and prying fingers) and can transport up to 10 cubic meters of goods. Each truck is staffed by a driver and his assistant. Two men. We don't move items that need more than two men to carry. We quote and load according to the load size you specify. If load size is larger than specified then snapscan payment will apply on the day. Items are moved at your own risk and we recommend you take out insurance accordingly. You can cancel your move and receive a full refund right up and until one hour before the move is due to start. After this time there will not be any refund for cancellation.

About Us

We are a Cape Town mini moving company who specialise in on demand moves. This means that our movers are available at the click of a button. You don't need to talk to anyone to book a move with us - simply go to our website, give us your addresses, your load size, your date and time and pay online. We will then come and do your mini move as long as we service that area of Cape Town. All drivers and assistants work directly for Ox Box. We are not a bookings agent for private contractors. This ensures a standardised service performed at a high level.


Why use Ox Box and not another on demand company?

Book a safe, affordable and quick move on our website in minutes:

* 2 professional movers (work directly for OX BOX, not independent contractors) to carefully move your goods.

*Fully enclosed truck (big enough for the contents of a 1-bedroom flat in a single trip!) to protect goods from weather and safe from 'falling off the truck'.

*Cancel anytime up to 1 hour before the move.

But what if there’s not enough space on the truck? Simply book another trip on the spot and we’ll keep working until your move is complete! You can also book multiple trips in advance if you like (and be refunded for any trips you don’t use). Need to change your date or address? It’s easy to log on and make any changes anytime before your move.

Simple, affordable, efficient solution from Cape Town’s expert movers. If moving has been a pain for you in the past, instead of a joyous, easy experience, now's the time to OX BOX it.

Will my items fit in the truck?

The load box interior is:

H - 1,865m x W - 1,95m x L - 2,95m

This means that your items should be no taller than 1.85m.

Some items longer than 2.95m might fit if it can hang out the back.

The volume of the load box is about 10m3. For reference, this is approximately the contents of a 1-bedroom flat.

An example of a 10m3 list is:

queen bed, bedside table x2, desk, office chair, 3-seater couch, 2-seater couch, coffee table, side table, fridge, washing machine, boxes x15.

Alternatively, there are many cool tools you can use to calculate the size of your items, you can find them here

If your volume will be more than this, you can specify how many trips you need when creating a booking. 

Knowing accurately what your volume will be can be tricky. Not to worry! If on the day you discover that not everything will fit in one trip, you can immediately book another trip and we will stay with you to complete the move.

How big are your trucks?

Our fully enclosed 1-ton trucks can carry a load of up to 10m3 per trip (height 1.84m x length 2.93m x width 1.93m).

Also see 'Will my items fit in the truck?'

What happens if I get my load size wrong?

If you discover on the day that you need an extra trip, you can book it immediately and we will keep working until the move is complete (or the end of the work day).

If you booked extra trips and on the day those extra trips weren't required, you will be refunded for the trips not done. Eg, if you originally booked 3 trips and on the day we completed your move in 2 trips, you will be refunded for the 1 trip we didn't do.

How do I know you will arrive on time?

Our teams are exhaustively trained on the importance of punctuality. If they are running late they will contact you one hour in advance to let you know the updated time.

What areas do you serve?

Anywhere in the greater Cape Town area that is safe for our men to operate in. Type the address into the address box to see if we cover it.

Do you offer other moving services?

We're a no frills on demand moving company. We don't offer box packing, item wrapping, or dismantling. If you need any of these services, we're not right for you. Sounds like you need the excellent services of Two Men and a Truck.

Do you offer hoisting?

We don't offer hoisting, as we send only two well trained movers for your job. For hoisting needs we also recommend you contact Two Men and a Truck

What if I want to make changes to my move?

You can do this online by logging in to your profile. You need to adjust your move details at least one hour before your move time. Additional charges or refunds may apply. 

How do I make a booking?

Follow the steps on the web app on our home page, pay at the end and you are booked!

Enter your full address (eg, 1 Main Road, Newlands) for both pick up location and delivery location*. In the field provided below the address line, enter the complex name and unit number if applicable and make any notes that will be helpful for the movers on the day. If you have multiple stops, simply click the '+extra stop' button under the address fields. Make sure the order of stops is correct. You can click and hold the location pin next to each address and drag the addresses to make sure they're in the correct route order for your move. You can remove any address by clicking the orange box with white 'x' below the address field. You will need at least two addresses, a pick up location and delivery location.

*We don't service all areas. For areas we don't service you'll receive a pop up notification when you try to enter the address in the address field.

Load size
The load box of the truck is 2.93m long x 1.93m wide x 1.84 m high. This is a volume of about 10m3. Typically, the contents of a 1-bedroom flat could be transported in one trip (dependent on how much stuff you have). Some unusually large items won't fit- an abnormally tall fridge, for example. A king-size mattress would also not fit.

(Optional) Do you need more than 1 trip?

Choose how many trips you think you'll need.

Date and Time
Once you select a date for your move, the soonest available times will display. Simply click on the time that suits you. If you'd like a different time from the ones displayed, select your own time by clicking on the drop down menu and select your time. Times are offered in 30 minute increments so you'll have to choose from among these options. If the time you'd like is not displayed, it means that we are either unavailable at that time or we won't be able to complete your move within our operating hours.

When you select your time, the price for your move will be displayed. By clicking on different dates and times, different prices will display and in this way you can find a price that suits you if you have date/time flexibility. In general, discounted off-peak prices are during times outside of month end.

You can choose to pay via Visa / Mastercard or via Snapscan to book your move now. We don't accept any other payment methods. The only way to book and pay for your move is through our website. If you're not ready to book now, choose the option 'Request contact and book later'. Some one will be in touch to discuss your move and you'll receive an email with a link to secure payment that you can use when you're ready.

When you choose your payment option, you'll be prompted to create an account or login to your existing profile. To register, you'll need to enter your full name, email address, and cell phone number, as well as a password for your profile. We'll need your email address and phone number to contact you about your move and provide any updates. Once you've registered, you can book future moves by simply logging in to your profile. After registration (or login), you'll be directed to a payment page. If you selected card payment, you'll enter your card details and click 'Book and Pay'. If you selected Snapscan, you scan the QR from your Snapscan app or smart phone camera. Alternatively, clicking on the QR code from your smart phone will open the Snapscan app on your phone.

Move Summary
If payment is successful, you be directed to the Payment Success page. Review your move details on this page. You will receive an email confirming your booking. If you'd like to change any of the move details, you can use the link in the email or login into your profile and edit your move.


Can I speak to somebody about my move?

We don't have any sales or customer service consultants. That's one of the ways we're able to keep costs so low for our clients. You can edit your booking, including cancelling your move, through your profile on our website. On move day, you will be sent your movers contact details automatically in case you need to get hold of him.

What if I want to cancel my move?

You can cancel your move up to one hour before it is due to start and receive a full refund. After this time there will not be any refund for a cancellation. Simply log on to your profile and cancel the move there.

What if something gets damaged?

Our movers are highly trained and experienced experts. However, accidents can and do happen. It's important you understand that moving goods is risky and ensure that you have suitable insurance to cover you goods in the event of damage. We're not liable for any damage to your goods or property. Please contact your home insurance provider and enquire about coverage. It's up to you to make sure your goods and property are covered.